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A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

--John Maxwell

I am Betty Lovelace.


“We are products of our environment.”  Really?


There is some truth to this adage.  Although, in my experience, there is so much more to the story. 


I am from rural North Carolina.  The fifth of ten children—raised by a single working mother. Daunting circumstances at best. The bleak outlook draped across the endless corn fields was laden with discouraging messages. During one vivid encounter with a school counselor, I was told I would never rise above a vocational education.  Really?


This counselor, and others sharing that opinion, did not see what I saw.  My mind perceived much more for me…with crystal clarity. I actually believed I was destined to be better.  A school principal suggested I did not have to be trapped by my environment or a path someone else had prescribed for me.  Really?  I was convinced I could be more.


Thus, began a journey of dreams and determination to view the world through a lens of what I could do.  I decided early on that my immediate circumstances did not have to become long term realities. This meant finishing high school and pursuing post-secondary education. And while I was not the first in my immediate family to begin college, I was the first to complete it.


Today, I have two master’s degrees and a doctorate, with a specialty in higher education administration and cross-cultural counseling. Little did I know that these milestones would serve as a platform for other firsts. I was the first to serve as director of Multicultural Affairs at Denison University. The first to travel abroad to conduct research with West African women in nontraditional careers. The first woman and person of color to hold a senior level position at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio as Vice President of Student Affairs and Associate Provost.  Really?  A resounding yes.


Was there more that I could do?  I decided to launch my consulting practice. I began working with local colleges and universities.  Then my practice grew to include a partnership to design and deliver a diversity and inclusion initiative to more than 12,000 associates with the Honda of America workforce, in Marysville, Ohio. I’ve shared my talents with KPMG, Capital University, Ohio State University Law School, State Farm Insurance (Newark, Ohio), Spelman College, Fifth-Third Bank, Police Executive Leadership Academy (Indiana), and The Limited.


With more than 30 years of experience in higher education administration, coaching, consulting, and just living, I know firsthand what it means to ‘land well.’ I know what it means to push against the seams of challenges and setbacks, and the exhilaration of using them as a stepping stone to grow and achieve.


What do I bring to the table? Whether as a consultant, moderator, workshop facilitator, life coach, speaker or author, I bring my whole self. I bring my authentic self. I bring my experiences and insights as a leader – one who is not afraid to step out on a limb and create a space where I can thrive. I bring a passion for working with others to help them along the way as they pursue their life long goals. Most importantly, I bring a toolbox of skills, strategies and informed clarity in working with others to help ensure success.  Really?  Absolutely.


The Envision Consulting team of experts will not only work with you to find solutions.  We also work with you to ensure your success along the way. 

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